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Changing the Constituion

3rd September 2019

Executive Intention

The SWY Australia Executive seeks member's approval to change the SWY Australia Consitution (Section 2. SWY Australia Objectives) to make the organisation eligiable to register as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC).  Charity status will allow SWY Australia to seek increase funding and grants to carry out the organisations objectives.  Changes are not intended to affect the organisation operationally or strategically in any way.

The proposed replacement Section 2. SWY Australia Objectives are:

Ship for World Youth Australia (SWY Australia) supports young Australians to participate in international cultural exchange and develop their leadership skills. Our aim is to create safe spaces where people can reflect on their cultural identity and contribute as young leaders of Australia. Through this process we promote reconciliation, tolerance and mutual respect within Australian society. SWY Australia members are active community members who hold a range of responsibilities and roles; as a member of SWY Australia they increase their capacity and confidence to lead.

This is achieved by:

  • Active promotion of the SWY program within Australia through community events, online promotion and engaging political, community and business leaders.

  • Delivering the official pre-departure training to Australian SWY delegations to prepare for and maximise program outcomes.

  • Organising community based cultural exchange activities for international participants of the SWY program.

  • Creating strategic alliances with external organisations within the Australian community to support SWY Australia’s charitable activities.

  • Fostering Alumni member development through excellence in voluntary charitable & community service projects. This includes official ‘post-program’ activities that allows participants to share their learnings with their peers and home communities once returning from the program.

  • Facilitating communication between past participants of the SWY program both nationally and worldwide to maintain the focus on the objectives above. 

The prososed change is intended to replace the current Section 2. SWY Australia Objective:

(a).Creation of strategic alliances with external organisations within the Australian community.

(b).Foster Alumni member development through excellence in project creation and delivery.

(c).Act as a nexus for Australian Alumni members.

(d).Creation of strong partnerships among all SWY and IYEO alumni entities.

(e).Position SWY Australia as premier world-class youth organisation.

(f).Promotion and facilitation of ongoing communication and interaction between past participants of the SWY Program.

(g).Promotion and facilitation of ongoing communication and interaction between its members and past participants of the SWY Program worldwide.

(h).Promotion of the Ship for World Youth Program within Australia.

(i).Assistance for the selection and preparation of delegations representing Australia in the SWY Program.

(j).Representation of Australia at international Ship for World Youth events.

Statement from SWY Australia President

Dear SWY Australia Alumni,


It has been a big 12 months for SWY Australia, particularly in building our organisational capacity. SWY Australia has undergo a number of critical improvements to help build our ability to increase awareness of SWY, support new delegations and achieve the broader objectives of the SWY program.  A key part of this was becoming a legally recognised entity in Australia.  SWY Australia has incorporated in the ACT.  The next step in the process is registering as a charity with the Australian Charity and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC) which will provide us increased recognition and a number of other benefits.  The ACNC has supported our application, however, the ‘Objectives’ in the SWY Australia Constitution were deemed too ambiguous and breached ACNC rules. As such, the SWY Australia Executive has drafted a new set of objectives that comply with ACNC requirements.


The new objectives do not change the essence of what we are doing or what we plan to do.  They simply articulate our objectives in a way that ensures we are bound to act within the ACNC rules.  Accepting the new objectives will not change or alter the activities of SWY Australia – they are essentially cosmetic in nature.  They will allow SWY Australia to receive charity status which is crucial to supporting funding and grant applications, particularly for port of call activities and delegation sponsorship.


As President, I assure you that this change is in the best interest of SWY Australia and will help us grow in the future.  I encourage you to support the changes.


If you have questions or concern about the change, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.  I am keen to make sure everyone is comfortable with the changes.  Thank you all for your ongoing support.  


Regan Ashley | President

Ship for World Youth Australia

PH: 0400 842 464 | Email:regan.ashley@swyaus.org | www.swyaus.org

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