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Meet our delegates


SWY Hybrid 2022-23


Kate jumps between Cairns and Melbourne, Australia as an environmental advocate and educator. When she’s not making TikToks for work, she can often be found having picnics with friends, learning a new language, or petting her neighbour’s cat. Kate spent much of her childhood in the outskirts of Osaka and considers Japan a second home; she has fond memories of Onsen in winter, catching frogs in summer, and doing Karaoke all year round.

Kate is participating in SWY as the National Leader, and hopes that her ties to both Australia and Japan will help to bridge cultures. She is excited to use this opportunity to develop her facilitation and leadership skills, along with making lasting friendships with people from across the world! 

Connie is a speech pathologist from Melbourne, Australia. Previously, Connie has also worked in the Not-for-profit sector in Japan and Australia. Her interests include photography, reading and learning new languages.

Some of the most memorable experiences in Connie’s career and studies so far have been representing Australia in the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS) program and The International Youth Forum in Seoul, Korea. These opportunities have created open dialogues with other young leaders from diverse backgrounds and cultures about current world issues.

Connie applied for SWY after hearing about it from a previous SWY Japanese participant. Connie is passionate about intercultural communication and global health. She looks forward to engaging in more cross-cultural discussions with delegates from around the world.


Stephanie is from the north west of Tasmania and loves exploring her home state, as well as interstate and international travel. A love of travel and being a lifelong learner means she is interested in participating in SWY to gain insight into a range of other cultures by interacting with all the delegates and having an authentic, immersive experience in Japan.


Stephanie has a love of the French language, with a goal to be proficient enough for everyday communication. Her interests include scrapbooking, bushwalking, and connecting with friends and family over a shared meal.


Stephanie studied a Bachelor of Education and PhD at the University of Tasmania, where she now works as an academic. She teaches pre-service teachers and researches second language learning.

TJ is a Greek-Australian HR professional based out of Brisbane, Queensland. Before working in HR, TJ worked as an IT Technical Recruiter whilst finishing his Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology). TJ has a passion for world history, politics, psychology and statistics, and is always keen to chat about the history of Sengoku Jidai.


TJ has an extensive history of youth and social engagement experience, previously running Queensland’s Youth Parliament program and currently sitting as a member of his company's Indigenous Engagement Diversity & Inclusion sub-committee.


TJ applied for SWY after hearing the numerous stories of cultural exchange and development opportunities within Japan. TJ is passionate to share the Australia culture and experience, as well as embrace and learn more about other countries' experiences also.


Hugh is a high school Math and Japanese teacher in rural Victoria. Prior to teaching he was completing his graduate study in mathematics in Tokyo. He is currently working on Latji Latji land and  is passionate about education and STEM communication. His interests include learning languages, swimming and travel.


Hugh applied to SWY after hearing about the great opportunities for intercultural exchange and he is looking forward to meeting people from all around the world. He is a strong believer in the power of people to people relations and so has previously volunteered as a New Colombo Plan Ambassador and as part of the Australia Japan Youth Dialogue.

Chris is a climate change analyst from Melbourne, Australia. He has worked across a range of areas from energy and climate to gender equality and local democracy, and is curious about history, politics, food, music and sport. He loves learning about different cultures to experience the world from a different perspective, and speaks French (via Québec), some Spanish and even remembers a few Japanese words from his primary school days.


Chris is participating in SWY to become immersed in Japanese culture, and the cultures of the other participating countries. He is keen to explore issues and topics that define what it means to be a young citizen of the world, and laugh, learn and make lasting memories with all of the participants in SWY34.


Bill is a criminal lawyer currently living and working in Darwin, NT. Prior to that, he worked as a musician and a secondary school teacher in Melbourne, Victoria. Bill’s hobbies include playing the piano, listening to podcasts, camping and hiking.


Bill applied for SWY after hearing great things about the program from a SWY alumni. He is looking forward to meeting other participating youths from around the world and learning how other countries and cultures create strong and flexible bonds of cooperation that enable them to address some of our greatest global challenges, including preventing ecological collapse, regulating dangerous technologies and reducing global inequality.

Angie is a Malaysian-Chinese SWY Online participant from Sydney (Eora Nation). She has re-joined SWY Hybrid to challenge herself even further in another culturally diverse and foreign environment. She currently works at the Art Gallery of NSW and is on her second contract with Japan Foundation as a Japanese Film Festival (JFF) Volunteer Coordinator. Angie is also volunteer staff at the Sydney Manga and Anime Show.


Mariam Koslay is a former Fairfax Media Journalist and the creator of African Kings, a mini-documentary series which explores the lives and philosophies of eight African-Australian men in Victoria.


She has worked in the Victorian Youth Justice system and volunteers her time engaging with the African-Australian community to creatively develop strength-based, positive storytelling.


Mariam has joined SWY to share Australia’s growing multiculturalism and it’s impacts on the future of social cohesion on an international capacity. She is a poet, advocate and enjoys challenging herself with different skills.

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