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SWYAA International Blood Donation Campaign


Since 2015, the international SWY community has run a blood donation drive each December. This campaign aims to raise awareness of the need for life-saving blood donations both locally and internationally.



  • Promote blood donation amongst the SWY alumni and wider community

  • Provide an opportunity for SWY alumni and supporters to make an impact on the lives of others

  • Leverage the international SWY alumni network to increase that potential impact

  • Raise awareness of the need for life-saving blood donations



Each year in December, we promote blood donation to our alumni members and broader community via our various social media channels. This coordinated campaign is also run by other SWY Alumni Associations including Sweden, NZ, USA, Canada, Poland, Greece, Peru, UK, Russia, Costa Rica, Spain and Mexico. We have also started a SWY Australia Lifeblood team to track our collective donations.


Key dates

The International SWYAA blood donation drive runs throughout the month of December. However, donated blood lasts just 42 days so life-saving blood donations are needed year-round. Most people can donate every three months, so why not make an appointment today?


Get involved

  1. Head to the Lifeblood website to check your eligibility and make an appointment to donate.

  2. Register or login to your individual donor account on the Lifeblood website. Go to My Details -> Manage Details -> Update my preferences. Type in ‘SWY Australia’ and click Save updates. Any future donations will be added to our team tally. 

  3. On the day of your appointment, eat a good meal and drink plenty of water.

  4. Save three lives!


Project leads


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