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Meet our past delegates


SWY Online 2022

Arabella Kempton

Participating Youth | NT

Arabella 1.jpg

Arabella has a Masters degree in Law and a Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Studies and International Relations. She is currently working as a Manager in the Global Innovation Team at Deloitte. She is interested in Corporate Social Responsibility, she loves music and exploring the outdoors. Arabella also enjoys scuba diving, documentaries & tennis as the founder and president of the OGs Tennis Club.

Arabella found out about SWY through a Philippines alumni, Kat Sevilleja, who encouraged her to apply. She is hoping to learn about running online programs with people across the world who speak different languages and have a different culture to her own. Arabella is also hoping to make new and meaningful connections with all the participating youth while bring news and insights from the Northern Territory.

Arabella is also a participant in this years Women in Economics Cohort (facilitated by the Economic Society of Australia). She also established a Financial Literacy for Women

workshop with women from all over the world who volunteer their time to educate and discuss finance once every 6 weeks.

A fun fact about Arabella is she enjoys art and her favourite magazine is the Economist!

Rhaneela Punitham

Participating Youth | SA

Rhaneela is currently a Senior Consultant at KPMG Adelaide within the Technology Risk and Cyber Security Team. At work, she enjoys working with clients to develop a deeper understanding of their IT environment and help them implement solutions to improve their IT security. Outside of work, Rhaneela loves reading (anything in the thriller or romance genres!), cooking (mainly Italian and Indian), hiking and hand-lettering (similar to calligraphy).

Rhaneela heard about the SWY program through a friend from university, who is a SWY Australia alumni. Rhaneela is hoping that participating in the SWY program will provide opportunities for her to gain insights into how different countries operate, delving into the issues they face and the innovative way they solve them.

Rhaneela participates in several extra-curricular activities at KPMG including being a member of the Asian Female Leaders committee which brings people from across the firm together to network, celebrate all Asian cultures and discuss common experiences and successes.


A fun fact about Rhaneela is that she loves jazz music and played the trombone in her school stage-band and orchestra for 7 years!

Jane Miller

Participating Youth | QLD

After searching for programs that would give Jane the chance to be more involved in discussions about important current issues and work closely with Japan, Jane found SWY was the perfect combination of both.

Jane has studied Japanese for nearly a decade and loves learning about the country, people and culture. She is fascinated by the history and politics of Japan, their responses to natural disasters and all forms of Japanese art. Jane was initially drawn to Japan’s ancient culture but found it was the people who made her stay interested and inspired her to pursue a further connection to Japan.

Jane enjoys travelling, learning about different cultures, photography and cake decorating. She graduated the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Anthropology and Japanese, and currently works at Hudson Global Resources as a Talent Specialist. While at university, Jane helped set up a community garden and was President of 

Jane 1.jpg

the Harry Potter Association for two years.

Jane is hoping to bring a different perspective and understanding of Australian culture. Thanks to her Anthropology degree, Jane has spent years studying people and cultures and hopes to contribute some of the insights she gained. Jane is also hoping to hear interesting and varied perspectives from around the world while learning about different cultures. Jane wants to make long lasting friendships with others who have similar commitments to understanding and improving the world we live in.

A fun fact about Jane is that she did a year-long exchange in Kyoto, Japan at Hanazono Highschool (花園中学高等学校). During this time, she travelled Japan and climbed Mt Fuji. Jane has also hosted multiple Japanese students in Australia.

Connor Malanos

Participating Youth | NSW

After hearing wonderful stories from a SWY alumni, Connor thought SWY online would be a brilliant opportunity in the current world of pandemics and lockdowns to maintain the spirit of international relations building and knew he wanted to be part of that!

Connor has a passion for music and is currently a music educator in Sydney as well as being a performing musician and producer. He trained as a classical musician in viola and studied as a music teacher so has always enjoy tutoring and working in the classroom. However, Connor’s first love is beatboxing, and he has toured Australia and Aotearoa, New Zealand. He loves doing live shows and competitions, delivering workshops for kids, and presenting at music conferences. In his spare time, Connor enjoys hiking, audio-visual production, photography, and videography, and theatre sports games.

In the last year, Connor volunteered with Little Dreamers Australia helping deliver 'dream experiences' and with UN Youth Australia facilitating workshops for students. Connor plays in the Quart-Ed String quartet, touring schools to give educational workshops about the

Connor 1.jpg

magic of string instruments and is also helping to create a show about ADHD and rhythm, for an audience of primary school children.

Connor is hoping to bring his experience in music and education and his passions for increasing accessibility to mental health services and equity of opportunity to SWY Online. Connor is also hoping to challenge people to think about how they can better support and inspire youth to think and create.

Connor will be bringing an open mind and curiosity to learn from all the international participants while also sharing his opinions and thoughts.

Angie Ngie

Participating Youth | NSW

Angie currently resides in the eastern suburbs of Sydney and is a visitor experience host at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. When Angie is not working at the gallery, she enjoys live portrait drawing, graphic design and Chinese calligraphy.

In Angie’s spare time, you will find her on a leisurely hike or participating in one of the programs she is involved in. Angie is currently the Assistant Director of Design at the Sydney Manga and Anime Show, which is a non-for-profit entirely run by volunteers.

Although never having travelled to Japan, Angie has an interest in Japanese current affairs such as politics, international relations, and natural disaster management. Angie also has an interest in Japanese pop culture, food, and the main tourist destinations.

Angie is hoping to bring her perspective and experience as an Australian migrant to SWY online and to gain lifelong learning and friendships.

Angie 1.jpg

A fun fact about Angie is when international borders were closed, she brought a yukata, obi, obijime, geta and four haori from a store in Sydney. Besides speaking English, she can also speak Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese.

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