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SWY Pacific


The SWY Pacific Alumni Facebook group aims to connect SWY alumni from the Pacific region with one another and to improve our regional collaboration on SWY projects. 



  • Create social connections for SWY alumni who are residing in the Pacific region

  • Facilitate discussion of future SWY Pacific regional projects

  • Improve collaboration and connection in the Pacific region


SWY Pacific aims to facilitate regional connection and collaboration between SWY alumni in the Pacific. Through a Facebook group and future initiatives, we hope to improve social and cultural connections as we did while on the SWY program. 


Get involved

If you are a SWY alumni living in the Pacific region, you can join the Facebook group here


Project leads

Mary Pilkinton, SWY Australia Vice President (

Mary was a participant on SWY31 (in 2019), and is now a Vice-President of SWY Australia. She is a recent Geography graduate and is currently working at Little Dreamers Australia. She is looking forward to working as an intern in Fiji in late 2022 and hopefully connecting with some SWY alumni while she is there. 

Otis Heffernan-Wooden

Otis was Assistant National Leader on SWY31 (in 2019). Inspired by the ship's visits to Palau and Honiara, Otis is excited about supporting further regional engagement through SWY Pacific. Otis currently works as a Policy and Projects Officer in the Victorian Department of Education and Training. 



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