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Applications for SWY Hybrid 2022/23 are now open

Are you ready to challenge your leadership, expand your cultural awareness and represent Australia to the world?  Apply now for SWY Hybrid 2022/23!

Before commencing your application for SWY 2022/23, we recommend you pre-prepare answers to the short answer questions in a separate document to ensure you don't lose your responses.  These questions are listed below.  

Additionally, you must prepare a short (maximum 2 minute video) about yourself. Details are below. Please have both these prepared before starting your application.

If you need assistance, please email:


Prior to Application 

Short Answer Questions

Your responses to the questions below will be used to assess your suitability for the SWY Program.  Support your answers by referring to your skills and abilities gained during key experiences in studying, employment, and community work, involvement in youth and cultural programs and/or relevant interests.  Please keep your responses brief (maximum 250 words per question).  Please provide examples to support your claims.

  1. Please describe your experience with youth activities, community service or other involvement in your local community.

  2. A big part of SWY is learning about Japanese culture. Please describe what interests you about Japan and Japanese culture.

  3. Describe your cross-cultural experiences.

  4. Describe a situation where you had to adapt.

  5. What factors must be present for you to work most effectively and creatively?

  6. What has been the most challenging situation you have had to face, where your values, beliefs and interests were different to those around you?

Short Video

You are required to upload a short (maximum 2 minute) video about yourself which addresses the following question:

  1. Describe your reasons for applying and how you believe you can contribute to the program both while participating and upon your return to Australia.

The video will be assessed on content and not production quality.  A simple video outlining the points above on a smart phone or webcam is all that is expected.

Application Support 

If you have questions about the application process or need help, please email:

Please note that due to the number of applications received, we are unable to provide individual feedback. 

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